Sunday 12 January 2014

Decade Blogs - Roundup V - All the 35 Blogs and Thanks

Thank you
I start by thanking everyone who offered to write a blog for my Decade of Blogging with the Twitter hashtag #YourBlogOnMyBlog. In the end, I had up to 45 possible offers, 35 delivered in sufficient time to allow me to review, edit and schedule the blogs into five weeks of hosted opinion.
I am honoured and at the same time amazed at the breadth of opinion, ideas and content that can come from these blogs, there are many lessons to take away from these shared experiences.
I hope to use some of these ideas in blogs I write through 2014 to highlight the richness in stories that each bear as part of our individuality and uniqueness in the broader scheme of our humanity.
To all who could act, those who had good intentions and the many others who desired but could not be entertained, I express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks. May we all have many more years to celebrate the joys of writing.
I’m still here
This is the final roundup blog for the #YourBlogOnMyBlog Series commemorating my Decade of Blogging. A five-week residency of blogs from 35 different people covering all aspects of life and society, from the trivial to the very serious.
I wrote a few blogs this week starting with the issue of trivialising rape in off-colour and atrocious jokes online. The comedian soon learnt that whilst he thinks his audience is local to Nigeria, the readership of his stupidity is the global and global condemnation, he did get.
I probably should write a comprehensive blog on the pursuit of happiness, however, I found Pharrell Williams’ Happy and I ended up playing back a good deal of the 24-hour video. If we were in sunnier climes, I probably would have gone out dancing in the street.
On the 19th of December, 2013, the Finance Minister appeared before the House Committee on Finance and played to the gallery, garnering sympathy from many, until another video appeared to show she was far from saintly or proper in her conduct. This a view I always held but did not blog about until this video was made public.
It is a prayer and a desire because until now I have acted in haste and suffered in waste long afterwards.
I have not written about my therapy sessions and I’ve had a few of those, change is on the way, it sure is.
NAFDAC withdrew all the drugs manufactured by one company nationwide, replacing them with drugs that hopefully will arrest the decline in health brought on by the usage of poorly manufactured drugs.
Some viewpoints
The theme this week is life and perspectives from a hospital ward, gender equality, strikes, persistence, blogging, Twitter and the education emergency in Nigeria.
Here, for your pleasure are all 5 weeks of Decade Blogs, 35 of them from wonderful people and amazing writers. To everyone who has honoured me in finding time to write for #YourBlogOnMyBlog, my thanks and more. I would find the words of appreciation and gratitude, eventually and they would still not be enough.
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