Thursday 9 January 2014

Decade Blogs - Kunle Durojaiye - Keep Running!

Decade Blogs
The number of times I have missed the opportunity to meet Kunle Durojaiye, I would not count, yet, he is one of those young and amazing thinkers (thematic as his Twitter profile suggests) I would so love to meet.
I was quite pleased when he responded positively to my request that he write something for my #YourBlogOnMyBlog Series commemorating my Decade of Blogging.
Kunle, a Cranfield alumnus holds court on Twitter with the handle @kunledee and blogs at
Here, Kunle writes about keeping at it, and whilst I have kept at blogging for 10 years, there are other areas of my life that I have been a poor starter, a worse planner with rotten persistence, like going to the gym, even if I still look a bit trim.
There is much for me to learn from this as I believe it would find some deep resonance with you. Thank you.
Keep Running!
Consistency, the name of the game! Life and its many self-appointed coaches have often taught us that the starting point to any endeavor is a vision, a concept, a dream, an idea, and perhaps rightly so. How come history remains replete with numerous accounts of ventures that started, but were aborted midway?
Of course, there could be many factors responsible for such but what remains an instructional lesson is the fact that starting is essential but certainly not everything.
There are people who are excellent starters. They do not suffer from the typical inertia many others face at the starting point. They think it and get it going; nothing stops them. Then, there are those who are slower to get running, they spend a great deal of time planning, preparing and re-preparing.
Of these categories, the jury may be out on which is preferred and recommended, but what will distinguish them eventually is staying power - the ability to run and keep running.
How else do you judge the success of an endeavor if not via results produced and sustained over time?
The ability to remain resolute and committed to a vision is a key quality of achievers and performers. They know that the goal set for/by them is worth weathering the storm for. As such, climbing over rocks and hard places is part of their race. They manage to stay fixated despite everyday challenges and by large, the law of diminishing returns. They exude staying power.
Again, there is some relativity to this. People think up ideas and within a year or two, the concepts are dead and gone. The extraordinary few probably linger for up to five years. So, keeping at something continuously, consistently for 10 years is indeed laudable... and this is what Akin Akintayo has demonstrated through his blog
For some, writing is an inherent trait, an inborn skill that requires little effort to activate and sustain. In Nigerian parlance, 'it isn't an easy something'. The ability to stick with a concept and run it through in spite of down time, challenges, life lessons, discouragement, and whatnot is a commendable attribute
As this milestone is celebrated, one hopes the lessons apparent are being noted and served to readers, and all as pointers for future endeavors. Don't just start, stay! Don't just begin, progress! Don't just initiate, execute! Don't just think, do! Don't just run, keep running!

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