Thursday 23 January 2014

Thought Picnic: Squaring the wheel

Out and about
Earlier than usual, the day started that I only had time for a shower and dressing up before making out to work without breakfast.
As we prepared for our meeting and conference, the idea that we could have breakfast before this fell through as time caught up with us without even a second for a Starbucks latte.
We found a room, and we entered a conference that had the first 15 minutes doing introductions, we were that many and it appears we would be interacting with many of them over the next few weeks and months.
Tinker bells
Meanwhile, I got the rights to look into what had been crafted for the UK, there is a danger that the wheel is being reinvented and in the process a perfectly efficient wheel is being underutilised.
I appreciate that technical people can be insufferable tinkerers with the impression that they can always craft something better than what has taken year-man-hours of amazing minds with untrammelled exposure to environments and scenarios too diverse to fathom, but I say, you must always determine what the tool can do before you retool.
Yet, I am learning, listening, reading, assimilating and appreciating what has been done before, lessons abound.
Reflection on inflection
Starbucks lattes after the conference, after lunch where we indulged in tuck shop cakes which became the desserts to a better prepared Italian pasta meal. The chef should probably stop experimenting with other cuisine.
The verdict from the conference was, too many assumptions abound and we need to challenge all those assumptions until each issue is clearly defined, understood, agreed upon and signed off.
That was the end of another day apart from getting clarifications between our signed contracts and the scheduling – what a relief, to all concerned.

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