Thursday 30 January 2014

Thought Picnic: Know the joy of hope

Open to embrace
In the last 5 and more weeks, I learnt a lot that came from doing what I know to do and continuing in doing what I know to do best, being myself and no other.
In probably 4 days of interacting with my colleague, he could read me like a book, imitate my accent, take words out of my mouth, laugh at me and laugh at my jokes, we were developing a bonding trust that I hope would result in a lasting friendship.
The people I work with are my friends; if part of your life and some of what gives meaning to life and existence is at work, then the people you meet at work should be trusted to form productive relationships with, I do not do miserable at work, not if I could help it.
Thankful for the past
No clearer has this been than in the many congratulatory messages I received on LinkedIn, the moment I changed my status that I had found work, it was not just the congratulations, but the blessings of encouragement that accompanied them from wishing me the very best to saying it was well deserved – I can only be thankful.
I did continue doing what I knew best, I attended too many interviews to mention where what was asked of me was well within my capabilities but my answers to their questions were not entirely to their satisfaction.
They chose others or returned to the market seeking a more perfect fit, yet, I desired not to be perfect but to be human, to know and yet to be curious, to be smart and yet inquisitive, to be challenging and yet understanding, my pursuits are many yet I would not be chased down by things, I have received the blessing of knowing myself without knowing what the future holds but one of hope and expectation.
Battered but not weary
That hope and expectation led me through days, weeks and months as I pondered and thought, but returned to write in the strength of knowing that whatever it was that bothered me in health, in wealth, in good fortune, in choice or in opportunity shall pass, and pass it did.
I look for the opportunity to bless for words have been granted me to speak and to write, though some seek the lesser of me by using the worst of themselves to interact, neither of us come away blessed from the encounter as I am both saddened and restrained in what great damage the appeal of words so unedifying could have, if written or spoken – in that, I seek to be a more perfect man.
Driven by desire, I have erred and still I find time and place to repent for the better I can be, my darkness fades to let in more light.
In hope, I still stand
When I left home, I had nothing to my name, but the possibility of building a reputation, friend and dear friend open their hands and urged me on, what I feared became what I could dare and as some other heaped indignity upon indignity on me, I walked the path before me unsure but assured that change has come.
Three weeks ago, I wrote something that informs a result today, I stuck with what I knew and with it came something I never knew was held in store for months when I had little or nothing peering into nothingness.
Then at the limit of what I thought I could endure, I wrote again, something difficult to express, yet a reality I could not suppress.
The joy of living
What I thought I would have to wait for because I had literally completely run out, yet I never panicked about, but left it to take care of itself, today brought surprise, amazement and laughter. That is the joy of living.
Know the joy of hope, be ready to bless, keep expectation high, desire good in all things and watch the unexpected work in your favour by people, things, times and circumstances all without your prompting that it seems miraculous. Before you pooh-pooh it, I have faith, tomorrow is another day.
Thank you.

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