Monday 6 January 2014

Because I'm Happy

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)
It’s your thang!
Sometime ago, I decided to add the Our Daily Bread devotional feed to both my blog reading list and my Feedly news feed.
The devotionals are easy, life, perspective, and thoughts captured in a few short and easy to read paragraphs packing the potential of seed to full-blown and blooming tree in almost an instant.
Today the devotional was entitled The Night No One Came, as the story goes Johann Sebastian Bach was to debut a new piece of music as the orchestra gathered to play, there was no one in the audience to listen. Unfazed, Bach wielded the baton and the music began to play, it was not long before the church was filled.
Do your thang!
I write a lot as my blog of 10 years indicates and we are coming to the end of a 5-week residency of the #YourBlogOnMyBlog Series commemorating my Decade of Blogging where eventually 35 blogs would have been published as a celebration of telling our own stories in our own individual voices.
Then on Twitter, I find I have a following from a broad spectrum of diversity, too many to mention and those who dare to engage and I mean engage would almost always end up in some friendship. Yet, there are others of the hit-and-run variety, they come spoiling for a fight, railing with abuse and insult and tease out of me the typical slow poison of an English putdown.
Write your thang!
Integrity as some define it is what you do when no one is watching. I hope my writing passes that test, I write rarely for an audience or to pander to some interest, I do not get paid to do what I really enjoy, I just do it and sometimes many can find resonance and in other cases the piece is hardly read.
I do not because the statistics for a blog do not get a lift in the number of readers take down the blog in a huff because I am writing for myself, to myself, about myself and the views I have for myself.
This informs why sometimes I write something I do not think makes any sense, one of those crazy blog moments and someone leaves a comment or tweets at me saying they can identify and I am left wondering and leave it at that, glad that the gift keeps giving something back.
Clap your thang!
Then at church yesterday as we left the building, there was some music playing that I never really took notice of but recognised that it had to do with happiness.
“Because I’m happy,
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.”
Lyric snippet from Happy, Despicable Me 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Pharrell Williams. [Wikipedia]
The uplifting feel to the music resonates and I sought out the video on YouTube only to find that it was written and performed by the musical genius of Pharrell Williams, probably the Johann Sebastian Bach of our times.
With this amazing song comes the world’s first 24-hour music video at - Go there and have it on continuous playback, then read the lyrics and get into the flow.
What I have to say is this, find a way to put yourself in a happy mood, whether or not you have an audience, go out and do what you have to do and enjoy doing it, living life as if you have not one care in the world.
That for me is enjoying the pursuit of happiness, you might find someone to share it with when you start doing something happily, for me, it is writing and in the process, and I might find me a lover too.

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