Saturday 25 January 2014

Thought Picnic: And At The End of the First Week

Logjam of blogs
It is one of those weeks where you find that many events that require some commentary have been left to bunch up into an almost insurmountable task. Yet, the thoughts of what to do would continue to percolate in the mind until the time is right.
At least, that is how I feel, for there is a blog I think I should write about workplace stress and another which was inspired by the terrifying horror of the human trafficking business in Nigeria.
The horror alone
The latter written with palpable graphic detail challenges issues of values, priorities, culture, traditions, money and a system that exacerbates the atrocious abuse and heinous murder of others without any sense of restraint.
For now, please read Tobore Ovuorie’s ordeal as published in the Premium Times, a four-part series on Human Trafficking and realise that we have bigger problems in Nigeria than the distractions that regularly exploit our religiosity so unconscionably.
An avoidable death
On workplace stress, I posted a number of tweets in relation to the unfortunate demise of television presenter after whose demise we learnt of serious health issues quite indicative in West Africans, hypertension, stress and heart disease.
It would appear the warning signs were clear enough to make serious life, lifestyle and work-life adjustments but the young man pressed on, taking on the pressures and struggles until his heart gave up – it is a very sad tale and it serves as indicator to many of us – know when to walk away, know when to walk away with your life and whatever you have left of it. That is for another blog.
Getting into the flow
My week at work was interesting, an extensive learning and adjustment process as we bonded in my team and got to appreciate better the task we have ahead of us.
Whilst I have many ideas whirling around in my head, I have to curb my exuberance and enthusiasm, because there are reasons why things are the way they are, yet, there are even bigger persuasive reasons why things need to be looked at from a different perspective. It is early days yet.
The bed-hopping has started again, I am already in my third hotel in a week, and it would probably take a few more weeks before I finally find a place I can settle down in and live.
A good start
In the first week however, our mobile phones, laptops and basic accounts have been sorted out, we have an induction on Monday and that would presage the creation of privileged access to certain areas but actual and virtual.
I would say, it was a good week and with this blog out of the way, I can begin to work on the others, soon.
Thank you to everyone who helped ensure this week went well, I owe you more than I have ever given my heartfelt gratitude for. Bless you all.

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