Sunday 5 January 2014

Decade Blogs - Roundup IV

I’m still here
I cannot have wished for more support and the honour showered on me with the 28 blogs that I have already shared on my #YourBlogOnMyBlog Series commemorating my Decade of Blogging. Four weeks with just one more week to run in what I thought I might struggle to get blogs to run until the end of December 2013.
Yet, it has been a rather busy week that straddled the turning of the year from 2013 to 2014.
One news story on Twitter about profligacy in Nigerian politics unleashed a torrent of tweets that I collated into a blog with a backstory and context notes.
A demonstration of the gift that I have come to know I possess was the poem that I crafted in 4 tweets over 12 minutes, the last verse of the Walk Away! poem coming much later. Then a New Year’s Day blog recognising the gift and desire to do more with it.
Blog - Walk Away!
Blog - The Gift
Funmi Iyanda gave a keynote address to a youth event challenging them to think differently if we are to change Nigeria and make it a better place. I added an introduction, put in some links and made some callouts to pertinent things she said.
This was very good news, after months of indifference bordering on criminality, the system and institutions responded to the cry of dying HIV/AIDS sufferers who had been prescribed substandard drugs by government agencies.
NAFDAC withdrew all the drugs manufactured by one company nationwide, replacing them with drugs that hopefully will arrest the decline in health brought on by the usage of the poorly manufactured drugs.
Our lives
The theme this week about life, pursuits, times, friendships, rights and history.
Here, for your pleasure are four weeks of Decade Blogs. To everyone who has honoured me in finding time to write for #YourBlogOnMyBlog, my thanks and more. I would find the words of appreciation and gratitude, eventually and they would still not be enough.
Decade Blogs – Week 4
Decade Blogs – Week 3
Decade Blogs – Week 2
Decade Blogs – Week 1

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