Thursday 2 January 2014

Thought Picnic: Impatience is a mind-set

They must go
Impatience has to be a mind-set, a determination not to wait or give way, a selfish disposition to get into things without consideration or thoughtfulness presenting some sort of euphoria for gaining the upper hand.
I find this attitude demonstrated the most in public places when a person is part of communal setting jumbled together by situation or circumstance, in queues or on the street.
Unacceptable acts
Queue-jumping is something I cannot tolerate, especially if I am in that queue, allowances can be made for extraordinary circumstances, but I would not yield for anyone because they imagine they have two heads, ten legs and have some title from some other worldly royalty.
One might notice humility and give way, but haughtiness is asking for trouble that includes excoriation, ridicule and condemnation, belittlement would follow with derisive wit, and that might not be the end of it.
Scoot the maniac
A man on a mobility scooter whizzed past me as I left the shops this afternoon, and as he got to the pedestrian traffic lights, he did not wait for the lights to turn before he throttled across the road. Now, the road was clear, however, his action was enough to raise an eyebrow.
In the central reservation, of the dual-carriageway we were crossing, we waited, he forgetting to push the hail button to activate the traffic lights system to give pedestrians priority. I did that.
But just as the lights turned for the cars to move, our mobility scooter friend scooted onto the road and barely made it to the second lane, holding up traffic as two cars that were not expecting a crossing whizzed past.
Third car just about caught a glimpse of him and applied the brakes before his made for the pavement completely oblivious of the mishap or demise he had inadvertently planned for in what seemed like a very sunny day for a suicide mission.
Incredulity and amazement
I shook my head, in fact, everyone shook their heads, be they standing or in a vehicle, the unspoken thought going through our minds wondering about the madness, the urgency, the nonchalance, the carelessness and the indifference, all a demonstration of impatience.
One can only wonder why that man was on a mobility scooter and whether it was by reason of the stupidity of impatience and if so, he has not learnt any lessons.
There is a saying in Yoruba that I have crudely translated to English, and it goes – No matter how fast you go, you are not going beyond your destination and those who are slow on their journeys would eventually get there.
I make time for things, I hate rushing to places, I would step out of the way if I must and honestly, patience in many things keeps you out of avoidable situations, preventable accidents and unnecessary arguments.
Impatience is a mind-set, but the better mind-set and virtue to have is patience.

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