Monday 20 January 2014

Thought Picnic: The Beginning Begins

Beyond access is action
Interest, inquiry, intention, invocation and intervention greeted the circumstances that presaged my arrival at my new project that began with an absence of any means but hope.
Difficult as it seemed the options one had were few and answers not forthcoming apart from some interest and some inquiry.
None of those took the issue forward and sometimes it made ones condition worse because it was fertile ground for worry that presaged stress where in fact its presence did not help matters than precipitate the apparent rut one was in.
So, for those, with as much courtesy as one could muster, one closed those lines down. Now, that is not to say one is not bothered, it is just that just productive came of it.
Beyond acquisition is acceleration
One decision however one had to avoid, in fact, it was never an option, the opportunity was to be taken and the nuclear option which could bring much hardship, the subject of many news stories by those caught in the need to do desperate things.
The seconds ticked away into hours and the time closed in, and then the help one desired came, just in the nick of time and before one set out on the journey that was a little under four hours.
We arrived to comment, comfort and compassion, composed and collected, the night passed restfully though with connections that failed.
Beyond acquaintance is acquisition
The day began refreshingly, well and expectantly, fed and helped we arrived to introductions and interactions, a long discussions of why and where framed the scope of what was expected of us.
This would be interesting and all thanks to what resulted from invocation, then one supposes part of what appears to irritate was to address the conscience and it could be uncomfortable.
The light and the night was the first day, with gratitude and more. Thank you.

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