Thursday 9 January 2014

Thought Picnic: Moderating my decision tree

Deep reflection
Gracious Lord, I am at the crossroads of opportunity and advantage, let me be wiser about the decisions and choices I make this time.
In my career of over 25 years in the Information Technology industry, I have been presented with so many choices that I seized and ran away with. This gave me so many opportunities to do things all too similar to an enchanted life.
Then came times when I could make no choices because the options were not there. In the midst of that turmoil, I made really smart decisions for that particular moment that were long term foolish decisions that hurt me more than I can easily quantify.
When I danced
The most important thing as I write this is to understand with review and reflection what I did when I had many options, what were the results of the choices I made and the long term consequences if I had taken to heart other considerations.
Yet, I must accept that we are where we are now, we cannot turn back time but we can learn from experience and hopefully in learning learn the right lessons to act on the body of knowledge, wisdom, insight and expectation one has to draw on.
Critically, one must not take the immediate comforts that becloud future discomforts if on the main some balance can be achieved to provide a smoother existence.
Find balance
In short, I am calling on my sense of proportion, the spirit of contentment and desire for commitment based on calculated, reasoned and rational thinking.
The undulating lifestyles of mountain top to the bottom of the abyss as the biorhythm of life borne out of immediately satisfactory outcomes and a future existence of incapability is what informs why one should be smarter.
Therefore, for what I have been blessed with, even though much can be gained now to the detriment of much later, I’ll give myself to good today for a manageable bad, if that happens, than to sell myself to the best for the impending worst to come.

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