Sunday 2 February 2014

Thought Picnic: Catching my breath

Reassessing the situation
A bit of quiet is the essential for rest and recovery, this being in blogging and other things that tend to occupy yet not distract.
However, one must not be given to recidivism and lethargy, there is much to do, much to achieve and much more to be thankful for.
The month past was to one from one engagement to another, the beginning of new relationships and a rediscovery of self in matter whether one once blazed a trail of lasting activity praised long after one had departed.
Challenges around
Between the continuous and the chequered, to a point there was the former and in the recent times there reigns the latter whilst demands are made for sainthood in issues where one for life and issues is just human. A journey difficult but truthfully told might be insufficient, it is all one can do.
Besides, we rehashed, refreshed and upgraded, at least that is what took up most of yesterday where one walk brought profit and the longer walk was just fruitless. That desire to be revisited elsewhere.
In these times one is inconvenienced by some radical changes one encounters, everything traditional, unusual, unique and useful seems to have disappeared from the shops, they are only to be found online and delivery becomes a difficulty if where you are is far from where you say you stay.
Life and changes
Immediacy is lost to expectancy trimmed by doubt as to whether what one desires is what would be delivered.
All sensuality has been lost to relative virtuality, you are spoilt for choice presented on screen but abstraction is game of dreamy reality as we elevate trust to the pantheon of escrow systems, this technological civilisation makes the experience more plastic than it is human.
The honest truth is, I hate this, but this is where the world is at and one has to adapt to this change as it begins to dominate all things.
Yet, in all, opportunity and means becomes the empowerment of desire and attainment for which one must first be thankful and never blind to those who cannot for every reason reasonable and unreasonable.

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