Thursday 20 February 2014

Thought Picnic: Fix the road and leave the wheel alone

Wheeling and dealing
Caught between the choices for the path forward, one is left looking for analogies to properly encapsulate the situation and hopefully persuade the decision makers of the best course.
I have moved beyond the concept of reinventing the wheel, it cannot be made any rounder than it is, it is a circle, and that is a closed discussion.
Probably there is a case for reviewing the materials used in the manufacture of the wheel, but that also after thousands of years of evolution, testing, change and review leaves us with the best wheels ever made in the history of man.
A little strengthening, probably for resilience and all terrain use that resists wear and tear is not necessarily ground-breaking stuff, rather it would for the inventor just be a differentiating selling point.
Fix the road
The next thing to consider is the road, the path, the way the wheel bearing load would travel and the comfort that it offers.
Much can be done about roads, and I have come to the conclusion that when the road is rough you work on the road and not on the wheel. Working on the road offers a broader advantage to every road user than working on the wheel would.
This is the kind of thinking that should go towards solving technical problems too. Understand what the wheel is and what the road is and act accordingly.

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