Thursday 11 January 2007

Diplomacy is dead, long live diplomacy

Sometimes, they scare me

I had to read it again and again, just in case I read it wrong. Well, what she said is really what she said; in fact it simply confirms that leaked memo that her successor in the position of National Security Advisor wrote which left George Bush being snubbed in Jordan a few months ago.

Yesterday, the President laid out an elaborate plan of troops surge and needing the cooperation of the Iraqi government which none of his advisors, generals, ambassadors or the Iraq Study Group wanted – that is why they were all swept out in a purge surge for presumably grateful people who being called to the service of their nation would be hamstrung to challenge the president’s views.

Hardly 24 hours after we heard the President’s great idea, his Secretary of State tells the Senate says the linchpin of this grand plan, their partner in bringing peace to Mess-O-potamia, the Prime Minister of Iraq is living on borrowed time.

Diplomacy is dead, long live diplomacy.

How on earth did they assume power?

Maybe the Bush regime is not that aware that they have lost over 3,000 soldiers and they spend $2 billion daily on this debacle to fight terrorists in Iraq rather than on American soil – this is prodigal to the extreme and it is not helped by the tactlessness of everything this administration represents.

They might as well appoint an American as the Prime Minister of Iraq, John Negroponte for instance; at least the president has great confidence in him. Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki must be in a bind, he has borrowed time from the Americans and they are seeking pay back.

How did these people get into power? The world is definitely a dangerous place.

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