Monday 1 January 2007

3,000 memorials to what?

Where? The memorial

Years from now, were a monument were to be erected in memory of those, now 3,000 US soldiers who have paid the ultimate price in defending, I don’t know what; because it is not clear if this war in Iraq is about defending America, regardless of the spin that might be put on this issue.

Many memorials tell about liberation and bringing peace, if the highlight of this memorial reads the deposition of the Iraqi tyrant, one called Saddam Hussein, would it have been for a cause well fought for?

It cannot be said that this memorial would find a home on the soil of Iraq as we have in other lands that were liberated in the Second World War; France, Belgium and the Netherlands has swathes of land where fallen foreign soldiers are interred with dignity and remembered with reverence.

One general once said the purpose of war is not to die for your country but to get the other man to die for his country, because dead men do not win wars, those who triumph are those who walked or limped away having defeated and incapacitated their enemies that the enemy is forced to surrender.

Innocent blood should speak

The blood of the innocent must be requited of those who have caused that blood to be shed, the justice that was meted out to Saddam Hussein only dealt with one of the minor crimes he is accused of, those who refused to allow justice to be sought when they had opportunity; for Halabja, for Iran, for Kuwait must surely now have blood on their hands.

In the end, it would take a man of words beyond reproach to write the epitaph to the death and misery of the US Army in Iraq, none of the leaders we have now, come close to appreciating the sorrow they have visited on many in their thirst for revenge on the wrong man.

Once again, never have some many been sacrificed to a cause so suspect, executed on a plan so flawed and given the impression that it is of value when it is on fact simply settling scores.

For once, the memorial to the Unknown Soldier would not suffice, they have names, they have families and they will not be left unsung.

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