Thursday 4 January 2007

Spare and pardon the Saddam video guard

They lied to us

If there are lessons to be learnt from the hanging of Saddam Hussein, it is not about preventing mobile phone camera devices from having access to the proceedings but the fact that a better class of witness needs to attend the execution.

We were told that Saddam Hussein was a broken man as he approached his death and even the National Security Advisor of Iraq claimed Saddam was treated with dignity and not humiliated in any way.

Well, we all now know better, we were being lied to and the more reason why exposing the real episode is a service to democracy.

He exposed a lie

All the outcry about the guilty person wanting to destabilise the country is hogwash, if Saddam were treated with dignity such that the government was not caught is a bare-faced lie; there would be no kafuffle about this event.

We cannot in a fledgling democracy have the levers of information manipulated subjectively by the government to further their good intentions through propaganda when in fact they are doing something completely different.

Save the guard petition

It would be unjust to punish the guard for exposing a lie which has embarrassed the government, they created the mess and these are the consequences, they should face up to their mistakes rather than look for a scapegoat.

They hopefully, from now on, would learn to conduct themselves with dignity and comportment whilst being completely truthful about what they are doing.

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