Saturday 20 January 2007

The hope in Hillary

It is official and no more an anticipation and with great elation, we receive the news, as the erstwhile first lady vies to make her husband first gentleman of America.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the race to win it and I hope she gets all the support required to launch America into a new decade of great promise and dignified superpower leadership.

There is no doubt that she would be cleaning out an Aegean stable that contains the toxic guano of a divided America, a polarized war of civilizations, a decimated Middle-East and a world order that makes the Cold War an inconsequential passing chill.

All this, the legacy of the prodigal son of politics, who probably makes his father wonder and wonder and wonder, what might have been if Jeb had vied for the presidency instead of George W.

The contest would be interesting; the prospect of a first lady president or a first African-America president would make for a vibrant debate as the primaries unfold.

I for one, do not believe that Barrack Obama is ready-schooled for this office, at least not for another 4 to 8 years, in fact, most likely after a two terms of Mrs Clinton.

Who Hillary would chose for a running mate would be seriously headline grabbing, I would for now suggest John Edwards, but these are early days as I book a ticket for the Presidential Inaugural of 2009 and get to kiss the lady.

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