Friday 5 January 2007

Doing England badly with a cricket whitewash

A whitewash and stumped

After the first test, we could have said the final rites and concluded with ashes to ashes.

It looked evident that England was going to give up The Ashes, but to have given them up by the end of the 3rd test out of 5 and then not found the resolve to make something to save face from the last 2 is sorry indeed.

Having won the ashes in 2005 after a good undefeated 2004 in Test matches, it is surprising that England performed so badly. Ho hum!

As winners of the Rugby World Cup in 2003, we are to defend that trophy in 2007 in Paris, and from all recent performances; we might just receive a serious drubbing.

However, the cricket should attract a post-mortem about selection, preparedness, team spirit, the management of cricket and the possibility of losing Test cricket status – in sport, we cannot continue to rollover and think of England, this went seriously wrong, it is unbearable.

For rugby, this just would not do – Come on, England – “England expects that everyman will do his duty”. That is our rallying cry; retain the trophy or face the music.

Come October, we should have another moment of glory; hopefully, this is not a pie in the sky.

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