Monday 1 January 2007

Happy New Year - 2007

Happy New Year
To all my friends, well-wishers, relations and most of all, detractors, I wish you a very happy, prosperous, fulfilling and rewarding New Year.
You might wonder, why detractors? Well, if it was really going well for them, they would be building up other people rather than trying to bring them down. There is however, no time to concentrate on the negative when there are things to affirm and lay hold of in the New Year that would bring greater joys, interesting challenges, bigger rewards and a sense of gratifying fulfilment.
No, I do not have any New Year’s Resolutions, they fade before the sun sets on the end on the month; I jumped off that bandwagon many years ago.
When you resolve to do something, have you really prepared and decided to get it on with? Maybe not.
Whilst resolutions could mean firm decisions, we are more familiar with decisions than the seasonal resolutions.
Doomsday school
I remember one decision I made when I was 15, we were attending Sunday School on New Year’s Day in church we had not yet decided would be the home church, what I found disgusting was the cabal of Sunday School teachers who were doing nothing teaching from the Bible, rather it was like a boot camp of savage and sadistic revellers in corporal punishment.
They picked on anyone who looked the slightest bit confident and emasculated the person through whipping and punishments which simply sapped at any esteem the young person had, but it thrilled the teachers no end.
Having seen 5 injustices which would have had the Child Protection Agency taking the church and its leadership to the cleaners in utter and complete condemnation, I decided.
Decide not resolve
From that day on, I would never entertain anything designed to take my spirit, my strength, my esteem, my confidence and my assertiveness in the pursuit of somebody else’s pleasure, neither would if it was in my power allow for anybody to subjected to such abuse of power, it changed my life – it was not a resolution it was a clear-cut decision, taken on New Year’s Day.
Happy New Year!