Thursday 11 January 2007

Celebrating Guantanamo Bay at Five

The legacy of the war

We have traded our liberties for a chance to make our democracies our Big Brother. We have terrified ourselves that air travel is now the joy of masochists, the appearance of a gloved hand is the pleasure of an intrusion of a different kind.

We decried their assault on our way of life and then housed their brothers out of the reach of due process, they got a new name and what is the Geneva Convention when you can offer a Pentagon Conundrum.

Then for holiday photos with inspiration from the house in Cuba, a man in a poncho transmitting electricity like Benjamin Franklin’s first experiment.

The only detail they haven’t asked of us is how many pints of blood course through our veins, but it would not be long before your life is The Truman Show to every peering voyeur that works for that government agency that your taxes fund.

Privacy is word that means your government is the custodian of confidential matters with which they dictate your place in society, if you deviate from the script you are a terrorist to be hunted down in a fashion that hounds would find humane.

There is a war, a war on terror, a war that presents greater terror to our peace than the terrorists every imagined.

Did, Benjamin Franklin not say - Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Of all we have given up, we have a party to attend – Camp Delta - Guantanamo Bay is 5 today, let us celebrate our bondage in the quest for safety, we are indeed free to be bound. Let’s Party! However, below are your directions - The Road to Guantanamo.

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