Monday 15 January 2007

Dummies Guide to Hanging

Blood-thirsty voyeurism

I did not avail myself of the opportunity to view the humiliation of Saddam Hussein, the reports were graphic enough, and one had to be spared that additional savage voyeurism that came with the true videos of the real judicial murder.

As if that were not enough, additional videos were published taken by stealth of a large gash to Saddam Hussein’s neck and some bruising to his face which hopefully was caused by the hanging rather than the rats who rejoiced around the corpse as they worked out the frenzy of revenge.

Now, the other two condemned ones were hanged just before dawn and we are informed that this was also filmed, this time; I hope the government would not lie to us about the events, most especially the shameless lying National Security Advisor; I just cannot bring myself to like him on any level.

Most importantly is the hope that the witnesses were more circumspect than the first mob of disrepute, but that would not take away from the certain other detail that has now been revealed.

Hangman’s Manual 101

No one it seems attempted to determine that the body plunge at the releasing of the trap door and the dislocation of the spinal column in the neck area might exert a greater effect as to have the head rolling off, probably into the laps of the onlookers.

The BBC link offers a general idea of what should happen

Execution intended to break the neck, not strangle

Long drop’ method developed in late 19th Century

Length of rope calculated using prisoner's weight

Drop is usually 4ft-10ft (1.3m-3m)

Too long a drop leads to decapitation

It would appear the method used to hang these men is Victorian – in 2007? Thus far has civilisation brought us that we return to crude methods of killing that make mean savages of otherwise intelligent men.

Even this simple exercise of hanging could not be conducted with a modicum of professional application.

Their nightmares begin

Anyone who was within earshot of the gruesome straining sound that had the body snap off to make a hanging an outright decapitation would remember that sound for a long time, the ones who saw the body separate from the head would dream of it till the day they die – it is no curse.

Men have had nightmares unspeakable for seeing or hearing a lot less, we shall see if the justice done for those of Dujail shall now been read as justice served for those of Halabja.

The lament I hear is that of death and destruction that has been visited upon Iraq, unwarranted, illegally, unabated and continually – May the souls of all Iraqis dead – Rest In Peace, be it of the good or the evil, we leave the rest to God.

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