Tuesday 9 January 2007

Is there a ‘Nam brewing in Mess-O-potamia?

Is there a ‘Nam brewing in Mess-O-potamia?

I just visited Technorati and found that someone for Vietnam had linked to a blog I posted about Bush taking the draft and finally reporting for duty in Vietnam.

Looking at the old post, I had a wry smile when I looked at my lame attempt of poetry that many might think I was not gazing in a crystal ball but doing crystal itself.

Like bean porridge, some like it hot, some like it cold and some like it in the pot nine days old – here is a rehashed blog, in the pot hardly two months old.

The unpalatable comparisons

My crystal ball does not like the cold, condensation on the inside of the glass means I may not be able to see things clearly.

However, a window into the future appears, I hit the streets in my haggard witch costume, wailing like a banshee.

Woe, woe, three times woes, I see in Mesopotamia, the shame of Saigon; as peace finds no respite in a land brought to destruction on the flight of a lie.

The many who were carried out having arrived on their feet, would not the maidens back home anymore countenance.

We shall leave soon and no sooner than the mess in Mesopotamia has overwhelmed us with more shame than the retreat from Saigon.

Hear, O Dubbiyew, your Saigon has come for the King of Terror has for his kingdom Iraq chosen.

Phew! That crystal does take you places, in the light of new developments for the troop surge, the death of President Gerald Ford who oversaw the withdrawal from Saigon and questioned the validity of the Iraqi war.

More so, in readiness for the speech that the President intends to give on Wednesday.

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