Wednesday 17 January 2007

My Sex Post

Enjoy first condemn after

When I first read about My Sex Post on African Shirts, I thought he was writing a Lady Chatterley’s Lover sequel, then Chxta exploded on the scene first to deal with the prude and the hypocrites who on reading the sexual exploits of Overwhelmed Naija Babe (ONB) could not resist the urge to vituperate after satisfying their voyeuristic propensity to ululate over the sexual proclivities of others and then pretend they are castrated eunuchs or blessed nuns.

I then commented in Chxta’s blog about how these selfsame holier-than-thou voyeurs would handle homosexual sex if they are all so square about heterosexual sex and the convictions that overcame them as they tried to ward that away by condemning ONB ever so strongly.

The unspoken misdeed

However, on reflection, I have a duty to address this matter because it belongs to the unspoken, where things untold have been done to the innocent, that those who should protect can never bring themselves to believe something so evil is happening.

Even tonight, there are some who fear the night with unmentionable terror, who pray for the day like their life depends on it, who scream for help till there is no voice in their throats, who are damaged by those from whom more is expected but the least that can be done to those villains is to have them hung, drawn and quartered.

Yes, some can speak about their first sexual experiences because they knew what was happening and enjoyed what was happening to them, there are many who cannot because we were being told what is happening is for our good and then we are threatened with menace, if word gets out about what is too despicable for words, polite society would swoon.

The betrayal

When it does get out, it is our word against the older person, especially in a culture where it is given that the word of the older person is more believable and truthful than that of us, the victims.

Now, there is a cover-up, word must not get out, it would heap shame on the family to find out that the worst kind of thing is being done to a child and no redress, justice or succour can be found to deal with the psychological damage, as we are branded liars and ostracised for being victims.

For some, our memories are lambasted as false memories and in despair others like us have brought their lives to an end because the pain is too much to bear and it is all about sex.

Too hard to recount

You say, I cannot be serious, no, you cannot be serious, and I am talking about the sexual abuse of children by people they know so well, thankfully, not by immediate family.

If there was any help, it came from the invisible, power that one can only be thankful for, to be spared from an evil worse than one can dare to recount.

Now, I start my sex post.

1.) How old were you, the first time? 7

I hope you do not want to know anymore about it.

If you can be of any help, support the NSPCC or some charity for the prevention of child cruelty in your locality.


PS: I am fine, I am one of the many who have survived and overcome, however, this is for those who as yet have no voice.

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