Sunday 12 July 2020

Thought Picnic: The many human stories are not the manual of humanity

Experience is no expertise

It has been on my mind, the idea that certain developments in my life might need some explaining or contextualising, probably elucidation leading to enlightenment, but on reflection, it is unnecessary.
My lived experience is my life’s story, it does not necessarily make me an expert in that matter. I have reviewed many issues like when I had cancer, I knew the pain I was feeling, I could explain in enough lucid detail for my consultants to determine what course of action and treatment to take, they also taking the care to give me an understanding of what they plan to do.
It never made me an oncologist, it just was the impetus to acquire a better understanding of what options I had with just enough information to sway things favourably one way or the other for my particular circumstances. When a neurologist was determined to perform a lumbar puncture, I pled body fatigue, cancer, chemotherapy, and lethargy, I did not need another shock to my system.
Stories to broaden the mind
Obviously, I remonstrated, it was my body first before it was their guinea pig, not to claim superiority over their expertise, but for them to option their diagnoses and prognoses to further consideration. They were sympathetic and adopted another course of treatment.
The matter of sexuality has always been part of humanity way back into recorded history. Certain cultures accepted it as part of human expression, others moralised about it and the apparent use of sex for particular uses rather than for pleasure. I do not believe I want to seek the Big Bang Theory of all human expression in the good, the acceptable or the reprehensible.
Fundamentally, people find companionship and love with others and certain societies constitutionally guarantee partnerships that align with the majority, for they see it as a human rights issue and not one of morality. The professionals also consider it normal human expression even if apparently different that which the majority adheres to. Invariably, there is a space for diversity even if most are aligned to conformity.
No need for explanation as to why
If there be any confusion as to how or why people are the way they are, the fact is some things are just innate, without explanation, it is not a lifestyle but a whole life and it is understandable that it is not understood. What is not understood should inspire a quest for understanding rather than the agitation for proscription. Our fear of the unknown is more irrational than we sometimes are ready to admit.
We are never all going to be the same, act the same way, live the same lives, or make the same choices. That is the beauty of our amazing humanity. I can tell my story and you can tell yours, but each experience is just part of a larger tapestry of the human experience, it is not the manual of life as everyone should live it. We live to love, we love to live and live and let live.

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