Tuesday 14 July 2020

Brilliantly Remembering Inspiring Amorous Necking - VIII

A wordplay for effect

Early today, I thought about the past week, all that I wrote on falling in love. I would not know if anyone noticed a characteristic of the blog titles. When I started, I was not sure I would find enough inspiration to complete the task.
As it happened, I did get the words to carry the context of the blogs into the titles using BRIAN as an acronym. Words beginning with N to fit the context are not easy to come by, it is a good thing, this brainwave did not come to be as a countdown of 30 days to his birthday or worse, a count up to his youthful age.
We relive and believe
However, as we share messages in the morning and find time for one or more video calls later in the day until bedtime. We get to talk about many things and that is how I was proposed to on Saturday night. Everything on our minds now points to the next opportunity to meet up in Cape Town where indeed we would get married and begin charting the course of our new life together.
It goes without saying, that our memories are tinged with the moments we had together and the expectation of even better times ahead. It is exactly 6 months ago that we parted company in Johannesburg. Our thoughts are almost overwhelmed with feeling, but we must temper our anxiety with patience and constant reassurance. We are a beautiful work in progress and if no one can see the love, the smiles, the good, the story, well. I hope they can be happy for themselves if they cannot be happy for others.
We bear no ill; we are living our own lives and hope others can get to live freely in the beauty of their dreams coming true. So there.
The 7 days of falling in love with Brian

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