Thursday 23 July 2020

Navigating my blog

Percolating to view

Having written over 3,000 blogs in almost 17 years, I have found that some blogs might never get read except if they come up in searches made on the Internet or within the blog itself.
I know I have not done much to promote my blog except when I post links to blogs I have just written. It then occurred to me, to post a navigation aid to my blog. Like some visitors might wonder why I have two search boxes on the blog. The first displays basic results in the body of the blog with the full text of the blog, the second is an extended Google search that displays blog headers in standard Google fashion, but under the search button.
To get at some of the blogs that may rarely get read if a visitor chooses not to navigate the blog under the My Blog Archive, by Year and then by Month opening the outline, I have added a Random Post button. It is random and hopefully, it would open up my old blogs to a new readership. [These are only available on non-mobile rendering or web view/desktop modes.]
Navigation aids to my blog. (Click to enlarge.)

Languages and snippets
When I moved my blog to Google Blogger, I added language translation, selecting a few languages. This uses the Google Translate engine and besides the listed languages, you have the choice from a dropdown list of other languages, including Yoruba as shown in the example graphic.
You can read my blog in Yoruba using the Google Translate engine. (Click to enlarge.)

As you would be translating from English to another language, ensure you first click on the Original button to switch the text back to English before clicking on Translate or nothing will happen.
I also have some blogs of interest, my Twitter feed with the most recent tweets and a random display of pictures from my Flickr album of over 11,000 pictures.
Please enjoy the blog and if you will leave a comment.
Thank you.

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