Wednesday 15 July 2020

Music is the portal to my happy garden

How could it not be there?

I found myself running ragged not around the house but in my head, a song tailed off in my head, not one I have heard in a while, but it reminded me of a very happy place. I think of smells, conditions and music that take me to a happy sense of warmth and ease.
It was a song by Prince, so I thought I would play it back from my music cache in the cloud, I could not understand how I could not find the artist or any album. How could it not be in my collection? That is how my head got racing, quite perturbed, it had to be somewhere, on a disk or USB key, but I was not ready to start a search for that.
Alright, on another day
I do remember years ago, I used to play the music back on my mobile phone, but this was my third or fourth phone since then. Surely, I must have transferred the music files too. As luck would have it, it was on my current phone.
Next, get the files to the cloud. Not that easy, the file management on my phone does not offer raw access to the data. I plug it into my laptop, the music shows up in Windows Media Player, but the album information tag is lost. Not tonight.
We’ll just let it play off the mobile phone speaker even though it does not offer the best sound. Another day to fight that battle of merging all my music in one place. Meanwhile, I have merged the prolific output of the 3 albums of Emancipation in a playlist of the same name in shuffle mode and my dreamy self goes back to Christmas 1996.
The happy place, again
It was a Christmas present from my then partner’s parents. I could say I love every song on the albums, but some just stand out in musicianship and lyrical prowess. Nothing like the screeching falsetto of my classmate in secondary who should have been unheard singing, Ain’t got no money.
The best compendium of Prince music is PrinceVault and everything you need to know about Emancipation is there. [PrinceVault: Emancipation]. My favourite remains the mystical and spiritual The Holy River. I could meditate on the lyrics, the music, the story on constant replay. The thought of being drowned in a holy river to be delivered to a new life is a rebirth I love. Music is definitely the portal to my happy garden.

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