Monday 13 July 2020

I'll be just fine

Getting to my happy place

Sometimes, caught in the solitude of being alone your mind drifts in search of something that makes everything feel good or right. There are no easy finds because it is much like the hopes of a fisherman who pushes his boat out to sea in the hope to land fishes in his net.
Then I realise I do not have to be so forlorn, as I look for my happy place. It is not a destination but a reckoning, I count my blessings. The wonderful happening to me, the good that has come to me, my appreciation of those who remember me, my friends of great consideration, and the man who in my thoughts always brings a smile to my face, warming my heart in this quest of love in which we have agreed to walk together.
Indeed, there are many blessings of the past to count, but the present is a continuous blessing of life, of hope, of love and of beauty. I can have the expectation that when I cast my net, I would catch a bountiful harvest of fish. I’m sailing back to the pier happy and laden with fat fish.

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