Saturday 18 July 2020

Someone won to blogging

Blogging with ease

There are not many people I have been able to persuade to blog, many see it as difficult requiring some expertise or professionalism. I have always begged to differ because I believe everyone has a story and it is best told in that person’s voice.
Obviously, when it comes to celebrities, some have hired ghost-writers to help author their stories, unfortunately, I have not been persuaded of the voice of one using the writing prowess of another. It might well be a biography instead. There is a difference between reportage and personal witness.
Now, I am at a point of jubilation as there is no unction to frequency, but there is some commendation in constancy of a sort. I have not been the most regular writer of blogs, though I have attempted to write daily for a few months.
One win to the cause
Well, Brian, my boyfriend and fiancé took the challenge and started blogging a few months ago and I think he is quite a good writer and storyteller. His style and wordsmithing skills have set me up as a student once again and I am learning in the process.
There are times I have goaded him to write, but it must always be at his convenience and timing. In any case, he published a blog today making an acronym of my name for a blog title. The rest you can read there, for my part, I am just madly, deeply, crazily in love.
If it were not for this current pandemic, I am sure we would be writing a vastly different story.

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