Tuesday 7 July 2020

Thought Picnic: Live your life freely and we'll live ours

Celebrating my partner

When I published a tweet, this morning congratulating my partner on his birthday this morning, that was all I intended, to celebrate him as my significant other and hopefully, make it a special day amongst my community of friends.
Obviously, the pictures attached to the tweet were happy and romantic as one should expect between people in a relationship. That such expressions appear to be a rarity to some is entirely no fault of ours, we are just living our own lives.
Invariably, people in love would most likely kiss regardless of gender pairing. If in an ordinary setting we observe two people kissing without attributing any roles to them, we would immediately conclude they are in love.

Not that strange
If we dispense of the seemingly traditional stereotypes to our schooled inclinations from limited exposure, ignorance out of the lack of knowledge of the existence of things, prejudice, bigotry, or the absence of the ability to explore life beyond our worldview, two males kissing or two females kissing would not seem that strange, they are simply expressing love for each other.
It might come as a surprise to some that same-sex attraction embodies the fullest spectrum of human interaction, it is not limited to the physical, but it includes the heart, the mind, the soul and every other human endeavour. That means same-sex pairings are capable of friendships, relationships, falling in love, entering into civil partnerships and getting married.
Our legal standing
There are jurisdictions in the world where there are constitutional protections on sexual orientation against harm and discrimination, whilst also providing them with the full legal framework of matrimonial and spousal rights, even in South Africa. That many other countries have not caught up to that ideal does not invalidate the reality of what it portends and how people who have those rights choose to exercise them.
Now, I am not here to proselytise or pursue an agenda, that is not my purpose, there are activists and advocates doing the amazing work of ensuring the fundamental human rights of the broad LGBTQ+ community. What we would not do is hide from the world.
We belong in our communities whether we are accepted or not, we will thrive in our lives and careers regardless, and for what it is worth, we would proclaim and celebrate the lives of our significant others because that is who they are significant, purposeful and relevant.
No apology tendered
In the end, even if the apparently abnormal to you, but normal to us and many who seek the greater human diversity cannot be countenanced by you, the very least you can do is, ‘Live and let live.’ We are asking no more from anyone than to enjoy the pursuit of happiness without let or hindrance, the freedoms you enjoy in your lives are those we seek to be accorded to many ostracised, stigmatised, vilified, persecuted, prosecuted, maimed, and harmed for who they are, and that is always and forever a just cause to stand for.
We make no apology for the love we share; we are whether you believe the science or espouse a myopic belief system as natural as anyone else, probably different, maybe individual, usually unique, or disputably alternative, but never chimeral. We have existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist for as long as humanity thrives. We are here to stay and will not be obliterated or diminished.
In closing, our hearts are warmed by the support, the messages and the goodwill that has been shown us and the many birthday greetings to Brian. We cannot thank you enough and we work towards a better world where no one needs fear for who they are or who they love.

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