Thursday 30 July 2020

Coronavirus streets in Manchester - XIV

Get Out!

Even I have to consider that I spend too much time indoors, going from one enclosed area to another seeing the world only through my window and virtually on the Internet. After my workout, I thought I could do with some fresh air, get out and probably get 10,000 steps in the process.
Out there nigh on 10:00 PM I had no charted course but wended east towards Ancoats towards Trinity Way and on to Deansgate by the Town Hall to Peter Street and the Central Library, then home after a resting stop at St. Peter’s Square.
A maze to amaze
I saw a city quite strange, then I realise, I have not been around Manchester at night for probably 5 months. There were diversions for roads and pavements, closed off roads, the makings of a labyrinthic puzzle that never had a straight line, weaving in and out, jaywalking if need be.
The city is indeed gaining a nightlife, restaurants and bars open and the occasional drunken revelry assailing your indifferent composure, though I am not yet persuaded there is normalcy to this situation.
My legs should be insured
However, walk I did walk, gait exuding catwalk cum speed walking, making up my steps and home without breaking too much of a sweat. I think I should do this more often, it is good for the body and quite so, for the mind.
The music, for now, is still Anita Baker, if anyone saw me gesticulating in rhythmical response to what I was hearing, I guess it was not serious enough to call the men in white coats. There are mad people in Manchester, to a degree, we are on that broad spectrum. Yes, Brian is wont to saying it, Get Out! And I did.
St. Peter's Square tram stop
The Midland
Am I breaking a sweat?
My legs have walked this city
The Central Library

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