Tuesday 31 December 2013

Decade Blogs - Kola Akinola - My Friend

Decade Blogs
I have many friends, but Kola Akinola is one friend who in 2014 I would have known for 30 years. That is a generation coming on to a lifetime. The title I have chosen is as much him writing about me as it is my writing about him.
Whilst I guess I still have some secrets; sorry Kola, he probably knows the most about me, said and unsaid, he can read my blog like he is reading my mind, and he knows where all the bodies are.
A well-travelled man, self-effacing and utterly modest, he has proven himself a friend like no other, I cannot think of the number of things I have persuaded him to do or think, that he has done without quibble, ready to listen, ready to help, patient and longsuffering, he humbles me with his contentment and easy, yet wise approach to things.
Through thick and thin, his loyalty has been sure, his has stuck to me closer than a brother, probably been riled for giving me more leeway than I ever deserve, for which I am eternally grateful.
As uncanny as this my #YourBlogOnMyBlog Series is, it was a blog that I wrote for him that brought me into friendship with the lady that wrote the blog about taking the leap.
Everyone must have a friend, a friend like Kola; grounded, honest, loyal, fighting your corner, loving you despite your flaws and being there when there seems to be nothing left of you, except that you just exist. Kola has been a lot more than that to me and I am so honoured that he allowed himself to be persuaded once again, this time to write to commemorate my Decade of Blogging.
Thank you Kola, for being my very best friend, thank you.
I have known Akin for over 25 years. We first met in college in Nigeria where we became good friends. I subsequently after college came to the UK and Akin followed a couple of years later.
What can I say about Akin? He is a great friend. He is also generous to a fault. My brother and his wife, my sister and her whole family have stayed in his house, and I on numerous occasions have been beneficiaries of his magnanimity. He has a big heart, always seeing the positives in people. However, that does not mean he is a floor mat as those that have crossed swords with him will know. He is no respecter of persons or positions, and he does not do eye service.
Akin has faced a number of challenges in his life amid his many achievements, some of which he has written about through his blog. However, he has never blamed anyone for those challenging periods and always remained of a positive and optimistic disposition.
Akin is a master of the written word. I have not met anyone else who has a great ability to convey thoughts and opinions into a few paragraphs. I can’t keep away from his blogs and am just amazed at his ability to see things from a perspective that always brings a freshness to any topic or issue he is writing about.
Well done my dear good friend on 10 years of blogging. You have been a blessing to me and dare I say, countless others through your writings and I am privileged of having you as a friend.


Ibukun Karen said...

Again and again, i keep coming back to this and marvel at how you are able to bring him to life again with your words. I need a whole book to ramble in my description of him but you have done his description justice in just a few paragraphs!

Akin Akintayo said...

Dear Ibukun,

I am coming to the realisation that somehow I have been blessed with a gift, yet, like the one talent given to that servant, it has been buried for the fear that I might not use as well as I am supposed to.

Your father was much more than what I have written, great men are more than the many stories even geniuses of the written word can dare to capture in a book.

My he rest in peace and may our memories of him enliven us to be a lot better than we dared to be until now.

Best wishes for the New Year to you, yours and all.

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