Wednesday 4 December 2013

Please oblige me and blog for my decade of blogging

Once again for the joy and the fun of it
I find myself appealing again; probably it is because I am not that good at passively organising people even though I have had the idea in my head for almost two months.
I think 10 years of blogging is a milestone in itself, it is quite possible though I have no proof that in relation to my affinity to Nigeria, I probably have the longest continuously running Nigerian personal blog to date.
To celebrate this from the 8th of December, I hope I can get friends, well-wishers, acquaintances and anyone else so inclined to write something for my blog, especially if there is something I have written over the last decade that you have found interesting, useful, silly or funny.
It might well be about me too from my eccentricities through the stupid things I do, say or applaud to the rare spasms of wisdom that I cannot maintain for long enough to look like a geek or a nerd.
Please oblige me
Almost two months ago, I wrote this invitation - To Celebrate My Decade of Blogging – nothing would please me more that to share this moment with you all.
From the 8th of December to end of the month, I will put up the blogs and I hope we can do this with the finesse of a seamstress making a good skirt – short enough to keep the interest, whilst long enough to cover the detail.
Please let me know if you are interested into celebrating my decade of blogging, post a comment, a tweet at @forakin or an email to

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