Monday 16 December 2013

Decade Blogs - Monike Charles-Binitie - Taking the leap

Decade Blogs
I do not know how many people visit and read my blog; the statistics suggest there is some traffic, but I guess as a friend suggested recently, I do not write for effective engagement or interaction.
Yet, every once in a while, I am inspired to write something that shows I am just human with feelings and hopefully some expression that resonates with others.
That is how I found out that Monike Charles-Binitie reads my blog, because she left a comment to that effect when I wrote a moving birthday message to a friend of almost 30 years. To think, she had been reading my blog for almost three years before she left her first comment.
In this piece to commemorate my Decade of Blogging, Monike speaks of faith, time, decision, action, goals and implementation.
I guess it would not be long before we can celebrate Monike Charles-Binitie, PhD, Business and Management Guru amongst other wonderful things that has made her one of the interesting personalities that I have come to know through my blog and on Twitter. Thank you for #YourBlogOnMyBlog.
On Twitter, Monike Charles-Binitie is @apeke75, this is an interesting story and I wish her the very best.
It was during the miracle service on Sunday; the pastor had just finished preaching, that for you to receive a miracle, you must trust God and realise that only He can do that which you cannot do. Then the image comes to you, including the sound, May 2001, NYSC camp in Ipaja, on the parade ground, the platoon commandant, calling out ‘Lep high! Lep high! Lep high! (A corruption of Left – Right, used to mark time for marching in formation.) And it came to you, suddenly, without warning, akin to an epiphany, you have been marking time!
Marking time, waiting for everything to be just right; for you to get more money, for your hubby to get a better job, to have all the kids, for all the stars to align right, for the constellation to be in sync, for as the economists will say, for ‘other things to be equal’. Then you realise, the time will never be right, other things will never be equal.
Other things will never be equal, and you know, in your heart, like the still small voice of your Father whispering to you, child, trust me. You must take that leap; take the leap of faith. Two things will happen, you will soar, or you will fall, but you are assured that He will catch you. Both ways, you win, and He is glorified.
Therefore, I have taken the leap, the leap of faith, and I have applied for my third academic degree, a doctorate degree in Business Administration, and I am so excited, it is a new level of faith for me.

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