Saturday 21 December 2013

At 48, my health is the greatest present of all

O for a thousand tongues to sing (YouTube)
Words by Charles Wesley [Hymnal][Wikipedia]
No day goes by without some reflection and introspection as to how and why I am still here and what a miracle it constantly is to be someone who at diagnosis had only 5 weeks to live in the worst-case scenario and yet is at his 5th birthday since then. [21st December]
Such is the magnitude of what gives me the reason to be thankful and full of gratitude to God, to friends, to family, to neighbours, to strangers and even those who have passed from life or acquaintance for without these life would have been meaningless.
Yet, I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, buffeted from all sides by adversity, by lack, by penury and by incapacity, but I am unbowed. For the night cannot go on for so long without the dawning of the day, the wonder of the warmth of sunlight and the infusion of life into things that once seemed dead. That is the overwhelming power of hope, of that, I have plenty and more to spare.
Besides, in the midst of what is materially little, I have for myself, the greatest birthday gift that I have come to cherish the more each birthday since 2009, my health. My health is strength, my health is wealth, my health is peace, my health is expectation, my health is desire, my health is adventure, my health is renewal, my health is love and my health is good.
I am a wonder that I exist to express the miracle of the gift I have, that I have never fully put to use, talent that abounds in the realisation of knowing myself better. Moreover, I am less afraid to engage in the pursuit of happiness, of love, of joy and of that someone to have and to hold, yet somewhere and yet unknown.
But, I must celebrate and celebrate I must, giving thanks, for a life so ordinary yet extraordinary, for each day is a blessing and each year the working of kindness, mercy, grace, love and prosperity beyond my wildest dreams favour undeserved, yet available in undiminished and abundant provision and goodwill.
To my friends, far and near, seen and virtual, lasting and fleeting, thank you - say a prayer, make a wish, drink to my health, send a message on Twitter, Facebook, email, Skype, a comment on this blog or join me if you can, somewhere in London, to celebrate this day.
For this day and beyond, let there be laughter, let there be fulfilment, let there be dreams come true, let there be wonder to behold, let there be courage to do and let there be stories to be told by no one but ourselves, to ourselves and to others of the wonderful gift of life we all share and enjoy.
Wow! I am Akin and I am 48.
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Bas Zwaan said...

Congratulations Akin! I wish you good health and happiness

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