Monday 9 December 2013

Thought Picnic: Learning to live well for the end

From conception to reception
When I went to Walsall, the place of my birth in July, it was for two reasons. For the memories and for the memorial.
I fulfilled the first but only thought of the second. I called my father when I was in Walsall just to have a conversation that drew from the well of memories left unstirred, and when he heard of where I was, he asked if I was writing my life story.
I am writing my life story, but I did not tell him that one of the reasons I returned was to find a place to rest when my days are done too.
Let’s live well
The last thing I would ever want is for there to be disputes about where this vessel would return to nature when its use is exhausted.
We are not there yet; we are alive and well, with many thoughts on living and one consideration on leaving. For how many secrets shall one carry to the grave and to what extent shall one rue what could have been if we could alter the course of events today.
For when you open the book to read my story, I hope that the open book I have made of my life in the things I have written would become a shared experience of living well even under the threat of death. Just let’s live well.

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Dupe Killa said...

I get you. I do. Let's live well.

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