Sunday 15 December 2013

Decade Blogs - Roundup I

I’m still here
Just before you start wondering, I have not deserted my blog, there is much to write about but I as you would have read in the past few weeks, I am celebrating a Decade of Blogging.
I eventually was organised in persuading people to write for my blog. For each blog submitted that I have given all writers the leeway to write about anything they deem fit, I have worked my marketing into an hashtag on Twitter - #YourBlogOnMyBlog.
The intention is to publish blogs daily and on occasion, I would write about other events, many of which have happened but I have kept in the background.
This is great fun
This Decade Blogs Series has been quite enlightening, from what people choose to write about to the many who have offered to contribute and honour with the kindness of their views and writing.
It is possible this might lead to something bigger, but these are early days yet. December is usually a wonderful month and having the blog anniversary on the eighth, my birthday on the 21st along with the yuletide season that follows provides for deep reflection.
So far, the find below the currently published Decade Blogs and I hope to provide roundups and more commentary besides the introductions I put at the top of the blogs.
This would go on for as long as there is some material without any break in days to publish such. Enjoy.
Decade Blogs


Seyi Taylor said...

Love it!

Bankole Oluwafemi said...

Not nearly as much as I

Trae Zeeofor said...

Congrats on 10 years Sir! Hitting mine in 2014.

I blog, therefore i am ;-)

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