Monday 30 December 2013

Nigeria: The leaders whose success and joy is the pain of many

Wastrels given to profligacy
Nigeria can leave you in despair, depress you and put you on the worst end of dejected.
I read the story that Vice-President Namadi Sambo’s official residence was going to gouge NGN 2.1 Billion ($13,087,200.00), you ask what kind of furniture is being hawked that is eye-wateringly exorbitant. [Premium Times Nigeria] [Wikipedia]
The outrage stems from a whole range of issues, for instance, why were we building a new residence for the Vice-President? Because the former property which was formerly built for the service of the nation had probably ended up in private hands.
Double or quits
NGN 7.1 Billion ($44,247,200.00) had been previously earmarked for this project in 2009 and then in 2012 the Federal Capital Development Authority was seeking an additional NGN 9 Billion ($56,088,000.00), a sum that was rejected by the Nigerian Senate. [All Africa]
One cannot begin the reason about the level of rank incompetence that allowed for residences of principal officers of the Executive and the Legislature to end up in private hands and to add insult to injury that estimation for the building complex had more than doubled in just over 3 years.
I guess it would have been too much of an embarrassment for the Presidential Villa to be sold off to some private interest whilst the wastrels squandered our money on other palatial residences furnished to the hilt with sickening baubles.
It was in the light if this that I posted the following tweets.


Explaining contexts
I noticed that I used a number of metaphors or analogies in my Tweets, I have now tried to shed some light on the more obscure ones
People who buy their own furniture…
Under Diaries – Alan Clark who lived in castle appeared to suggest he was old money and Micheal Heseltine was new money – but by inference, old money inherited and new money went shopping.
Our leaders acquire ostentatious and new kitschy stuff like magpies...
Why are magpies so often hated? [BBC] – Magpies is used metaphorical because they have a weakness for shiny things which they gather to feather their nests for attract mates. Here, I suggest the acquisitiveness of our leader is much like the magpie, just to show off.
Why shall one not desire that the day of Korah … brood of Belial.
Korah rebelled against Moses and his whole company was consumed by fired before the earth under the feet of his accomplices and swallowed them all.
Belial is derived from a Hebrew word meaning worthless, and by inference the personification of a worthless, that is to say a worthless man. However, in the sacred texts it is also a synonym for the devil.
They have stood like the Prince of Persia…
The Prince of Persia was referred to in the Book of Daniel and he was the one that delayed the delivery of answered prayers. In another context, it is a malevolent territorial spirit. By inference, our leaders have become the impediment to realisation and answered prayers of Nigerians as a whole.
…their good is a canker-worm on us.
Cankerworm - The larva of either of two moths (Paleacrita vernata or Alsophila pometaria), destructive to fruit and shade trees. [The Free Dictionary] The cankerworm leaves destruction of crops in its wake but needs that to feed itself. The inference to our leaders is the same.
They built Pompeii and one day, it was no more…
Pompeii was an ancient Roman city that was completely wiped out by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
They dreamt of Atlantis and furnished their habitations with finery but had no gills…
Atlantis - A mythical island swallowed by the sea. The reference to gills is, for the show they’ve performed on land, none have demonstrated they are fully masters of their game.
…the sound that brought down the walls of Jericho.
A biblical story narrates how the fortifications of the city of Jericho came down, after the Israelites marched, round it and made much noise together in playing trumpets and shouting out loud. From a scientific perspective, the marching together could have weakened the foundations due to vibrations – See Millennium Bridge
We, the people need to march together to bring down the walls of these profligate leaders.

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