Wednesday 18 December 2013

Decade Blogs - Raymond Inkabi - Ten Years Of Blogging

Decade Blogs
As an Englishman, we are quite well schooled in modesty and self-deprecation, yet, there are circumstances where we must come out of our shells to trumpet a cause.
That is what I have had to do to persuade many to write for my blog in commemoration of my Decade of Blogging.
Raymond Inkabi is one such who on reading of my milestone blogging anniversary honoured my request for bloggers to join my #YourBlogOnMyBlog campaign on Twitter. Yet, when I saw the acronym of that hashtag, I thought the better of it.
What Raymond has written below, leaves me reeling; the praise, the comparisons, and the deference – he has been too kind, too kind for me to find that words to express gratitude than effusive thanks. Thank you Raymond.
His handle on Twitter is @Aklis_01 and please enjoy this piece.
Ten years of blogging is a good thing
To have different forms of creativity of different orientations respectively, from different spaces like Ten years of blogging immeasurable life changing content; constitute consistency in wit, as constituting constancy in drive. Suggesting the existence; of truly diverse specie floating in space.
Ten years, they say is enough to define one's self. But in order to be accountable post humans, we must see the near futures; create tactical little goals and also a strategic unification of issues that increases the expressivity of other sapiens nodular moments on the way towards an ultimate creative future of joy - a future that we humans cannot think.
Just as many sapiens come, make their mark and go to the great beyond. Father Mandela passed on 5th of December just 3 days to your anniversary. With tears we celebrated a life well lived. With love we now also celebrate a decade well blogged.
Akin, akin to Tata to be a book, then we are today lost in its multiple narratives and countless miscellanea. If we take it as a medium through which to reflect and explore the world, this book is no longer able to up with the speed at which narratives now unfold in it.
What led Akin to blog, might as well lead us to the question of chaos and the stubborn Pandora. The struggle with chaos is the only instrument of a more profound struggle against opinion then peace. For most people misfortune comes from opinion. Like Akin; again like Mandela.
But can we imagine an earth without landscapes, books without pages, fruitful deserts, more optimistically we must celebrate Akin. With whom I have developed a voracious appetite for, having become a pupil - thanks to Twitter. We must celebrate him through the exhaustion of the now - a decade of blogging - with joy and happiness let’s rejoice in the now, which is the future.
Akins’ vocabulary can be likened to that of strong cowboy's whiskey - undiluted wine and liquor - bringing tears to inexperienced eyes, forcing those tiny lights off and rendering one into temporary darkness; grinning before finding way down the bowels. Just a sip needs courage. So is @forakin's choice of wine.
And are there other things to be found within these barrels? Yes, beyond these depths: namely wit and trust, not forgetting great subs (subliminal messages on Twitter called subtweets) also! Simply put, the present may be the moment of imagination and of space travels again.
This I reason in spite of our utopian belief, we may now have the means to extend our imaginative potentials further than ever - ten years of blogging is a good thing!

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