Sunday 22 December 2013

Decade Blogs - Roundup II

I’m still here
This venture celebrating my Decade of Blogging is turning out to be an amazing exercise in connecting with people, events, ideas, stories and much else.
I must confess, I never thought it would be like this with blogs running into January if all the promises to write are met.
Friends, strangers and even completely unknown persons to myself have offered to write and I hope I have accommodated the broadest spectrum of views and opinions as each blog goes up.
I do not know if I would make more of this #YourBlogOnMyBlog activity, it is early days yet.
However, my earnest hope is that everyone would find a voice to write their own stories and share with others, bringing our humanity closer in love and fellowship.
This I say
Then yesterday, was my birthday, my 5th birthday after I was given the bleak prospect of just surviving for 5 weeks after a cancer diagnosis. It was a quiet day, with my sister in-law doing delicious things in the kitchen, in the little we found great significance.
They have selflessly given me full board in the last 4 months, I cannot thank them enough, and I have been blessed immeasurably by many who have loved unconditionally.
Here, for your pleasure are two weeks of Decade Blogs. To everyone who has honoured me in finding time to write for #YourBlogOnMyBlog, my thanks and more. I would find the words of appreciation and gratitude, eventually and they would still not be enough.
Decade Blogs – Week 2
Decade Blogs – Week 1

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