Monday, 10 January 2011

A birthday greeting to a friend like no other

A friend that is the friend

One afternoon 26 years ago, I saw him and wondered, who is this amazingly attractive guy, I somehow knew he would be a friend and he did become a friend.

Things and circumstances brought us together, interest, concern, desires and more but that bond of friendship survived the many things that had been thrown at it and we still remain best of friends.

We have shared much and dared much too, but I have had no one give so much of himself in times where I was completely exhausted, without succour or strength.

Stood by me and kept my head up when my entire world was shattered around me. Yet, I have not been able to thank him enough for his love, his compassion, his empathy, his friendship, his help, and his advocacy on my behalf in the most trying of situations.

This is a stand-by-me friend, you can want for no other, whose loyalty is unquestionable, whose trust leaves you wanting.

It is an honour and a blessing to have him as a dear friend, a confidant, just as David loved Jonathan, I aspire to be able to show that quality and excellence of friendship that he has shown me.

As dawn breaks today, it is a day of celebration, I want to wish him the very best, that he be fulfilled well beyond his deepest desires, that his dreams and aspirations might come within his grasp without hard labour, that he prospers in all that he lays his hands upon to do.

You know who you are, I love you so much and I want to wish you a most wonderful, beautiful, joyful, healthful, fruitful and graceful happy birthday.

You are a friend like no other, thank you for being my really true friend.

Happy birthday!