Saturday 1 January 2011

Harry, the expert like no other

Introducing Harry the guru

I rarely if ever plug the services of technicians but there is once in a while that unusual person whose expertise transcends the norms whose skills need to be commended and generously rewarded.

Harry is such a one, the breadth and scope of his knowledge is almost beyond compare and that puts it in the superlative, his is a compendium of skills so varied and effective, he probably has a solution to whatever gadget problem is giving you headaches.

Quick on the mark

I saw him at work the other day, Ronnie had come in with a problem, his Blackberry was not working, immediately, Harry diagnosed the problem and fixed it, explaining in detail the hows and whys of Blackberry problems whilst keeping tabs of developments in that field.

Ronnie was so impressed that he posed another question about issues he was having with his Apple, Ronnie did not know it was out-dated and could easily be upgraded through a deal that Harry was able to arrange – he is what you might call a Most Valued Professional and that recognition gives him the inside on good deals.

With all the gaming consoles out there, one would suppose Harry would have the best advice on which one to acquire, even I was surprised that he quite confidently recommended the X-Box 360.

Required viewing and training

Harry’s technical manner trumps the much acclaimed good doctor’s bedside manner, he never frowns in explaining the thorniest problems keeping you at ease and quite well informed, it would surprise how each gadget is given an everyday example to with resorting to unnecessary jargon.

In my view, after watching Harry at work, this is recommended viewing for Computer 101 courses as much as it can be used in staff training as to how to approach serious customer problem without levity, an astute mind and definitely a confident smile.

Obviously, one must thank Ronnie for allowing for this exquisite work of troubleshooting expertise to be recorded.

After watching this clip you will know how to contact Harry for your computer problems too.

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CodLiverOil said...

Good diverse subject matter.

I have a number of questions:

What does Harry do at your organisation?

How does he spend his spare time? That allows him to know so much about everything?

Does he read your blog?

Thank you.

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