Wednesday 3 March 2010

Thought Picnic: Acceptance, the end of all battles

Life as it is

The affairs of life and getting to live the life you have could exhibit conflict, confusion or uncertainty – dilemmas that vacillate between a secretive discretion and the possibility of living a lie.

The question then becomes who is being protected from the knowledge of who you really are, yourself for the fear of rejection or others for the fear of their possible irrational response to learning about what you have always been.

Time and again we hear that learning to love oneself is the greatest love of all but when the situation of loving ones neighbour as oneself was posed a certain condition of being very unsure left one wondering.

Life as it could have been

For instance, if the life one lives were a different life or as others might aver a normal life with the trappings of marriage, children and the attendant issues would one be devoid of the basic dilemmas of accepting oneself as one is?

In the end, normal is really where you are rather than where you want to be for the sake of pleasing others or getting others off your back, however, if that normality is challenged by philosophies and teachings that lead to deep internal conflict a battle of self-acceptance looms.

The love of life

Battles of guilt, of condemnation and probable damnation might be the order of ones existence or one is left with that basic and fundamental aim of just learning to love oneself.

The truth is one is just what one is and that is why the so-called norms of the so-called majority do not apply, if choices could be made maybe a very different life and dilemmas would have prevailed, but that is not the case.

Against all the memes and seared doctrines that have plagued the quest for knowledge of who one is there is a love beyond expression and the concern of others that prevails.

Even one that deals with the deeper conflicts of accepting ones own sexuality for which acceptance rather than conversion is the end of all battles.

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