Thursday 4 March 2010

Nigeria: The need for a Nigerian leader

A real Nigerian wanted

The question then becomes, when would we have a real Nigerian President? A competent able reliable and visionary person regardless of sex, belief, affiliation or religion.

Someone with ideas, concepts and insights to lead with the purpose of allowing Nigeria achieve its potential, engaging all talents and resources to the common goal of making Nigeria great and making its people prosperous.

A person who derives power and authority through real popular consent rather than through the capricious machinations of party politics serving aims inimical to nationhood and the national identity.

Too many pools of cretins

When would leadership look for the best of Nigerians rather than a rudimentary even geographical distribution of representatives without adequate talent?

The fact is, we have been saddled with too many pools and very few talent pools, mediocre self-serving placeholders whose poverty of mind and spirit does not allow them to have independence or initiative where decision is required.

This divisive rut being imposed on Nigeria is perpetrated by the ruling party that has a perverse and atrocious condition in its constitution to alternate the presidency between the Northern Muslims and Southern Christians.

The erstwhile President happened to be a Southern Christian who sat in office for 8 years and but for the unfortunate circumstance of events the current Northern Muslim President is ill, incommunicado and probably too incapacitated to execute his office leading to his Southern Christian running-mate assuming the role of Acting President.

No recognition of the facts

The rotten arrangement has Nigeria hamstrung because the strict adherence to that party constitutional fudge has meant that no pressure is being placed on the President to resign – in his probably comatose state, he becomes a haunting ghost in the Acting President’s purview with the risk of invalidating the acts of office if he suddenly recovers even for just one day.

It is saddening that all the governors of whom the majority comes from the ruling party have refused to address a very pertinent situation in the general interest of the country.

Likewise, the leaders of the houses of assemblies have somehow stifled all the essential debates that would allow the Acting President substantively take office as President without the threat of a Lazarus return of his boos who has been out of sight since the 23rd of November 2009.

A blatant disregard

Not much can be said of the Federal Executive Council of ministers who have in all their timidity failed to act boldly, honestly, truthfully and courageously on the very evidence of the President’s absence.

The greatest opprobrium should however be reserved for the governors who might like this presidency present the candidates for ruling party to run for the 2011 elections.

Their blatant disregard for the contemporary and obvious situation that fuels discord, disarray, uncertainty and confusion is not helped with the lie that the President after being in the country for a week is recovering and recuperating but not to be seen.

No interest of Nigeria in them

It cannot be far from the truth that of the people who make up what politics is in Nigeria today, none appear to have a promise of good for Nigeria; the only glimmer of hope comes from the Minister of Information whose outcry has been unsettling enough for the entrenched forces to react.

Nigeria desperately needs people with a heart and mind for the country and its progress, none of those who speak for Nigeria today have shown themselves to possess half a thought for the great and glorious motherland.

It might well be left to a judiciary that hopeful is incorruptible, fair, just and credible to force the best leadership on Nigeria because our democracy leaves much to be desired.


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