Friday 19 March 2010

Nigeria: Don't ever let them back

The entitlement complex
As was to be expected, I talked about the entitlement complex that drives certain political jobbers in Nigeria who have nothing to offer apart from having their snouts in the trough bilking Nigeria of its resources to the detriment of the populace.
Also, there was no doubt that there would be lobbying and jockeying for positions by sycophants and their so-called godfathers [1] who think their influence on powers that be helps boost their egos which is an outward expression of malevolence.
It would however appear the Acting President would not be true to type, he is making decisions outside the ambit of the ruling party and all those who think their input into the polity should be considered, some are already running scared.
Ruling party ruled out
I would also expect that the ruling party having withdrawn any support for the 2011 election from the Acting President even if his tenure produces the best leadership we have had in a long time will be learning a few good lesson in objective loyalties in turbulent times.
What is most irksome is the sacked ministers who it appears are begging [2] to return to post but not to service – these washed-out jobbers who cannot make a life out of anything but wheeling and dealing for personal benefit and corrupt enterprise need to be back blood-sucking Nigeria dry as they have grown accustomed to for a lifetime.
These spineless, gutless, feckless, ball-less nonentities who were grossly derelict in their duties as ministers and when Nigeria faced a critical crisis of leadership now want to return as sycophants of Acting President Jonathan.
Country before self
One would hope they will never get another opportunity to do anything in the name of Nigerians; they should be consigned to the scrapheap of history and ignominy, hopefully investigated for impropriety leading to indictment and disgrace.
I do not think the Acting President needs “Yes-men”, men without backbone who have no idea of their brief and are fearful to have initiative, insight, ideas and beneficial concepts for the sake of Nigeria.
We want people who would put country before self, those who understand duty and service, especially those who have worked in other fields of beneficial endeavour apart for chronic influence peddling and grease-pole climbing.
Outside the normal channels
There might have been a time when the input of the governors might have been useful, but surely the Acting President can use a broader spectrum of input to select the right people to create a talent pool of respectable ministers who can be role models of service to Nigerians, one and all.
I hope we do not adopt the “wait and see” default that has characterised new regimes in Nigeria but offer the support and views that would help the government seek better goals, aims and purposes for the good of Nigeria – this starts with nominating qualified and able ministers.

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