Saturday 27 March 2010

Nigeria: As a matter of course

Things as they are
Looking at the last week in Nigerian politics, I am not sure there was much to comment about; things seemed to be taking their course as a matter of course if one might aver.
The Acting President by name but substantive President by action had dissolved the cabinet of the comatose President and presented a new list to the Nigerian Senate for confirmation – this list had some returning ministers but hardly a ringing endorsement of the deposed when less than a fifth were recalled.
One would presume the returnees were selected because they were in some way effective in their posts, they could be relied on to be loyal and probably could be considered good Nigerians.
Just good people
The new selection I was not particularly familiar with, but I would have hoped the Acting President had at least the expectations of competence, ability and patriotism; loyalty being an attribute developed over time.
There was no need to speculate with fantasy names or whip up the frenzy about who would do what as a means of being seen to be able to comment or try ones hands at punditry – there is a time when silence and patience is of greater virtue.
As far as one is concerned it is left to the Nigerian Senate to approve these persons and help the executive with getting on about the government of the realm.
Appearance or apparition
However, as usual there was that sudden interruption to proceedings and rumour mongers pretending to be newspapers or what are apologies for journalism – something along the lines of the unseen President making an appearance for the Friday Jumu’ah service at the National Mosque.
What perfidy! I could have swapped my catholic frock for an apparition – President (like it or lump it) Goodluck Jonathan is in charge, it is time to stop being scared of ghosts.
So far, the ship of state is in calmer waters – God bless Nigeria, it remains one viable entity, no further options.

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