Thursday 4 March 2010

After February is recovery


February 2010 represented an amazing month in my life, one that would not soon be forgotten and one that represented a whole range of issues, changes, decisions and events.

Most particularly, it was the month in which I lost a very dear friend and that in which my regime of treatment for cancer stopped for other elements of my health improvement to gain a footing.

Monday should have been the day for the scheduled 8th chemotherapy session but my medical team decided to stop at the 7th giving me very needed respite from a treatment that literally knocks me out for a week.

The strength I thought I had

So, I went into town and walked up a few streets before ending up at the steak restaurant I last visited with my friend some 8 months ago.

Whilst mentally, I am so excited to be off the treatment, I seem to have forgotten that chemotherapy really did take a lot out of me that I really do not have the strength I think I have and I was tiring quite easily after short walks – my sleep patterns need some regulation for someone preparing for work.

One thing that has not relented through it all is the bills, they come as new and they come as threats, they all however just have to wait till there is income to settle them and as usual it is the ones I owe the least that are the most aggressive.

The search for work

Sometimes, I wonder how one can maintain a mental state for genuine recuperation if one is continually buffeted by matters that can be the source of much worry and consequent stress – definitely not what you or I need.

The networks are being tapped, the résumé is going places and enquiries are being made just as one engages in studies of trends in the marketplace, the need to be productive and relevant is here and now.

The process of recuperation would just have to merge with the time of resuming work, not too many luxuries can be afforded but help and support is still very welcome and I am thankful for all the support I have received to date.

February 2010, all your 28 full days, I remember, but thanks for the advent for March and the march to great expectations and a wonderful life – welcome.

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