Friday 26 March 2010

Taking off in all senses

Look out to taking off
Looking out of my office window today reminded me of my last home in Nigeria but this was closer to the action.
The simple act of travelling by air is a beehive of activity you can never fully comprehend; lorries, trucks and odd-shaped vehicles in a secluded world, segregated from the normal world.
Then the most magnificent wonder than never ceases to amaze me, the streamlined bodies of metal that race down the tarmac and take off into the air to some destination near or far.
Even I cannot believe that I have not travelled out of the Netherlands for over 6 months, this a person who once felt 3 long weeks in Amsterdam needed a lengthier holiday abroad.
Yes, from my office window, I am in that world called air-side but I have no access to the place not that you want to caught in the traffic or deafened by the noise of all those vehicles – it just looks fascinating from the comfort of my office.
The buzz, the fuss
We were to complete a seemingly simple task today which probably should have taken 90 minutes but lasted the whole day – changes that are complicated by half-finished jobs of others that had been signed off until you find yourself lumbered with your situation and finding solutions to those discovered.
That, I think is the office excitement I missed and the making of an eventful day that I had no time to feel tired or yawn – I have just completed my second day at work and I really feel so good about that.
Like I said early in the month, after February is recovery. Lest I forget, I sent an update out to my friends, thanking them for responding and calling, one of the callers was my recruiting agent who managed my affairs some 14 years ago for 4 years in the UK.
I have a short 2-month contract, I intend to make the best of it – it is just so nice to have friends.

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