Monday 15 March 2010

Nigeria: Enough is Enough! March

The gathering
Tomorrow morning, the youth of Nigeria will gather at the National Assembly in protest about current issues affecting the governing and progress of Nigeria.

Courtesy of the website [1]
I would believe that the collective noun of youth probably pertains to everyone who is 35 years of age and below which from certain statistics represents the majority of the Nigerian population.
I am pleased that they have gathered together to provide a significant and noticeable constituency to the leadership of the country and hope that their demands are met with some form of positive response.
When I wrote [2] about the impending protest last week, I felt their demands were hardly visionary nor bold, they have somehow fine-tuned those demands but they are hardly earth-shaking as to convince me of their readiness to seize the initiative on the leadership of the country.
Answers not easy questions
For a long time, we have known that our politicians are not given to providing answers to questions no matter how easy they are; rather they can only be out-flanked by answers that trump the ready excuses that belittle the intelligence and ability of the young and vibrant.
Much as I support this protest in spite of the difficulties of gathering the kind of support that allows them to be a noticeable voice of reason with Nigeria, I do hope their next attempt of garnering support reaches beyond d├ętente and the comfortable to the challenging, exemplary and future-looking.
As a first step, indeed – Enough is really Enough.
[1] Enough is Enough Nigeria! Logo/graphic courtesy of the website

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