Saturday 27 February 2010

Nigeria: Logical conclusions require no intrigue

Nollywood fantasies

Reading some of the Nigerian newspapers online along with the guerilla news agency can be quite interesting not to talk of the comments that accompany their stories.

Every news item with respect to the presidency is never allowed to follow a logical process to clear conclusions without the embellishment of what I would suggest is imagined political intrigue and sensationalism bordering on life imitating Nollywood fantasy.

To say the least, I am personally not bought on those stories that try to justify a certain perspective to garner an engaged readership when the natural course of events might well reveal a truth that unfortunately is not as newsworthy and will not create the market mass of commercial value and establish the organ as a respectable source of information.

Embarrassments and upheavals

The inability for delegated Nigerian government officials sent to Saudi Arabia to see the president had become a growing embarrassment for the Saudi government, they had to do everything to extricate themselves from that ignominious global scrutiny by coercing the “First Lady” to move her husband having done all they could do.

Indeed, the arrival of the President would have cause the upheaval that ensued, that was both natural and logical; obviously, that there were some manoeuvres without the knowledge of the Acting President was unfortunate, but the real condition of the unseeable President had to be preserved, that is understandable.

Like I have time and again surmised, on arrival, there was no way the President could assume or resume power without at worse a picture of the man in compos mentis addressing the matter of his long absence and his expectations.

Logical conclusions with time

Now, after 72 hours we still have heard nothing from him about his state, condition and plans, the logical conclusion without the need for the aggressive posturing certain pundits expected of the Acting President is Goodluck Jonathan is still in charge without having to wrestle and expend energies on those faceless mandarins and the so-called kitchen cabinet.

In my view, no visible President after a certain length of time means Acting President is substantive President until President is seen – the political intrigue and commentary is at best manufactured for effect. Basically the effect of the upheaval just fizzled out.

The First Lady is human

As expected, the meeting between the First Lady and the Acting President was going to be emotional, this is a wife who has watched her able husband deteriorate and become incapacitated by reason of illness, the risk of repeating myself that she had been reduced to a Juliet rather than exerting the powers of a Jezebel is just human in the circumstances.

If anything were being done in her name by others, it can only have been sycophantic and self-serving on the part of those protagonists who would have us believe they are serving the interests of the President and Nigerians at large.

The Acting President is in charge

Once again, the President is just unfit to be seen and that is fine enough with me even if the Acting President himself cannot see the President, without much ado the Acting President has executive authority until such a time that the President can clearly indicate he is well and well able to assume his office and resume his work.

So, let us cut out all the rhetoric, postulation, unnecessary political intrigue and speculative yarns masquerading as analysis or commentary and give the Acting President the essential and necessary support to steer this mighty ship of state called the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Whilst there is a market share to grow and a readership to build by these many news organs, it should not be done at the expense of Nigeria for the purpose of attaining a tainted credibility.

Long live Nigeria and God help Goodluck Jonathan whilst he gives many the patience to allow him do his job, I forgot, his wife is Patience – how uncanny.

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