Saturday 13 February 2010

Where is my funny valentine?

Fading memory

It was quite long ago the memory is fuzzy without the detail of the event that was probably hot, maybe passionate but did not last for enduring recollection.

For the other, it must have meant a lot more because the ringtone on the mobile phone signalling a new message simply read “Be my Valentine!”

Remembering a time

On a whim, it was Paris with all the activity but without love, without a love to hold, to cherish, to share, to adore – this must not continue any longer, if only things can change.

One should not be alone anymore, neither should one be lonely for that day and days that count after – the will to laugh and run into each others arms in the sand by the sea is the dream like bliss.

What could have been

A love that cannot be told waits to be expressed, a love that cannot be expressed but is desired, a love desired but so different is like joy waiting to see me smile.

My funny valentine, if only I knew where you were – Sweet comic valentine, so would I like to laugh to the sound of your voice – You make me smile with my heart, such joy you bring.

Your looks are laughable, who cares you are the best – Unphotographable, but I see you everyday so perfect – Yet you’re my favourite work of art, and nothing can compare to what I adore.

Where is my funny valentine?


A play on the lyrics of My Funny Valentine

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